Every Child Deserves Light

Sonlig aims to reduce the impact of energy poverty on education and provide options for employability for youth in areas where rural electrification is a significant barrier to accessing 21st century technology tools. Every child deserves light, however . . .

"without access to electricity you have no access to technology."


Sonlig curriculum

The Sonlig curriculum allows learners to explore how energy can be collected from the sun.

  • Inquiry-based approach to cooperative learning
  • Introduces youth to solar photovoltaic energy
  • Allows learners to share their energy investigations


The Sonlig science kit contains all the parts and components needed to build a small, working solar photovoltaic system.

  • Recharges mobile learning devices
  • Promotes solar energy solutions
  • Operates an electric light for use outside of the classroom


Sonlig curriculum

Learners share their energy stories from around the world to promote energy awareness and responsibility.

  • Where does your energy come from?
  • How can solar collection make an impact in your community?
  • What difference could you make?

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Who We Are

Sonlig is a small group of concerned educators that believe all learners have the right to access technology and information. Sonlig recognized the need for low cost, mobile charging solutions that included an electric light for learners with limited access to electricity. We have designed a science kit and curriculum that includes such a device and are addressing this issue for learners participating in the M-Ubuntu mobile learning initiative in South Africa.