Congratulations on today's hearing!!

Kudos to everyone on the hearing today, including all of the presenters and also everyone in the Caucus for all of your contributions and support. The panel was TRULY impressed and we're grateful to each of them for their time, attention, and feedback.

EDUC 362 students, your final portfolio is due Friday (4-20) at midnight, submitted through the UM Canvas site for your section. Thanks to you all, and best wishes for the end of the semester and the summer.

Details of the MSC Hearing in Lansing (9am, April 18)

Please read carefully the following details about next week’s hearing. As previously noted, you as a group will be presenting the MSC Winter 2018 Platform before the Michigan Special Commission on Civic Engagement next Wednesday, April 18th, 9:00am-10:30 in room 426 of the Capitol Building (100 N. Capitol Avenue) in Lansing. Please plan to arrive by 8:45am. Lansing is about an hour and a half from Ann Arbor by car (taking into account parking and getting to the room, as well as rush hour traffic), and if you are a UM student you will need to arrange your own transportation there and back.

This is the culminating event for the MSC semester, and it represents the opportunity for your ideas to have a direct impact on policy-makers. Attendance is MANDATORY for all Caucus members taking MSC as a university course, whether or not you are a topic coordinator, and whether or not you have authored a proposal in the platform.

The hearing will take place roughly as follows:

Winter 2018 MSC Platform

As of today, discussion posting on the site has ended. (You may make a final comment or two to finish an idea in an active discussion if you wish.)  At this stage, your attention should be focused on putting final touches on your proposal, based on feedback that you received this week, and your own sense of areas that need further development. In addition, please begin work on your final portfolio (portfolio template is here). Instructions for submitting your portfolio will be posted next week.

Our Platform

Proposal rating begins TOMORROW (Friday, Apr. 6)

Proposal rating and discussion begins Friday, April 6th and will continue until 10 am on Tuesday, April 10th. During the proposal rating period, all editing of proposals must stop so that everyone is rating and discussing the same proposals.

The platform will consist of as many as ten proposals, including the five highest-rated proposals (assuming each has a minimum of 15 ratings and meets basic criteria of completeness, quality and appropriateness), plus as many as five other high-quality proposals to be chosen by the topic coordinators and faculty. The goal is to include the best proposals across all issue areas; there may be more than one proposal from a given issue area, while other areas may not be represented in the platform.

Reminder: Proposal deadline this Thursday

Just a reminder that proposals must be completed by midnight this Thursday, April 5. Proposal rating and discussion will take place April 6 through 10am on April 10; an announcement with detailed instructions will be posted Thursday. Proposals may not be edited during the rating period, but you will have a chance to make minor revisions after the revision period has ended.

Proposal final stretch!

As we near the Thursday, April 5 (midnight) deadline for you to complete your proposals, and as you hone your arguments, do your final research, and finish the actual write-up of your proposal, there are some other key structural steps to which you must attend. Be sure that:

·       Your preambulatory clauses clearly and succinctly define the problem your proposal is addressing, and should persuade the reader that this is a problem needing to be solved.

Proposals and more

Schedule for the rest of the term

Please note these important dates:

  • April 5: Final Draft of proposal due.

  • April 6 - April 10 (4 PM): Rating of proposals and related discussion.

  • April 18: House Commission hearing in Lansing (9 -10:30 AM, Capitol Bldg., Room 426)

Town Hall Tonight! Workshop your proposal with a lobbyist!

On March 20th at 6pm in 2327 School of Education, UM Rebecca DeVooght of the U of M Government Relations office will discuss the process of writing good legislation as well as the process by which it can be passed in the state legislature. She will also share a number of resources that will help make your proposal legislation quality. This Town Hall is typically one of our most popular each semester. Sign up HERE.


Proposal Check Meetings; 3 Solutions; Consultations; Town Hall Meetings; and More

"Proposal Check” Meeting with MSC Faculty: Sign Up Now

Some of you in EDUC 362 have still not scheduled a 20-minute meeting with a faculty member to discuss your proposal.  Please note that this meeting is mandatory for all EDUC 362 students and, as it is meant to offer you guidance and support in developing your proposal, it is to your advantage to schedule this sooner rather than later.  Please don’t leave this to the last minute, as we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate requests to meet at times other than posted hours. If you haven’t already done so please sign up here ASAP.

Three Potential Solutions

Prospectus; Check-in Meetings with Faculty; Town Halls

The Prospectus

By this Sunday, March 11th, you (and your proposal co-author, if you have one) need to post on the MSC site your written prospectus, in which you describe in detail the specific issue or problem you’ve identified. You post this in the proposal "shell" you created, just as you did with the media artifact.

Although you have already taken an in-depth look at some of the major issues facing Michigan, we hope that as you move from your media artifact to your prospectus you start narrowing your focus to a more specific problem.